Sonntag, 7. September 2014

{{Review}} Pravana Chroma Silk Vivids

Hello my lovely cookies! 

Yep, don't rub your eyes off, another blog entry by me! So fast! ;)
But I wanted to share a big thing with you guys. If you love bright colored hair as much as me, you should listen to me carefully ;)

Some time ago I watched different YouTube videos about good hair color brands. And in the American section of these videos, quiet some people mentioned this brand: Pravana. 
So I looked it up on the internet and found an ebay seller where I can buy this magical stuff from. 
And I ordered it! I was looking for a dark gray hair dye, which I couldn't find among the brands I can buy easily here in Germany. So I thought: Why not? Let's give it a try!

Here is the link of the ebay seller I got my color from:

But now you are curious about the product itself and why I am so so pleased with it. So read on!

The product:

One tube contains 3 fl.oz or 90ml of pure color. Its a ready-to-use hairdye, so you can use it straight out of the tube (Although, to create pastels, you can mix it with conditioner ;D)

On the Pravana website they say this hair color is: 

       - Parabene-free
       - Phtalates-free
       - not tested on animals 
I think these are the 3 most important bits of information. If you want all of them, please feel free to visit the website :) 

This color range has 10 colors in it: Silver, Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink, Magenta, Violet, Green, Blue and Wild Orchid.
Also, as Directions etc, you can dilute them with conditioner and mix them together with another color to create your custom shade.

They now also have a Pastel and a Neon Color range (the last range as florescent glow ;D).
So there is a color that suits EVERY taste ;) 

Also, the main ingredients (according to the website) are: 
     - Silk Amino Acids: Act as a color carrier to help drive color deep into hair's cortex
     - Keratin Amino Acids: Strengthen hair's fiber and help color adhere to the hair shaft

The price for one tube at the ebay seller is 5,90 pounds or about 7,43€ excluding packaging etc. This depends on your home country etc. The seller is located in Poland. 

I know, much information. But my lovely cookies should not be uninformed ;) 

My opinion (Application, Smell, longevity etc):

All in all I payed 22€ for two tubes of the hair dye. I ordered one before, I payed about 13€ for that. 
You may say the price is a bit high for such a hairdye. A tube of La Riche Directions is about 6-7€ in Germany. BUT it's worth it. 

The application is as easy as with Directions, right out of the tube and onto your hair with it ;) The consistency is a bit thicker, but not as gel-like as directions. It's very easy to handle. I used for may hair part that I wanted to be silver 3/4's of one tube. 

I must admit that you have to like the smell of the hairdye. Its some sort of sweet, a bit floral, a bit herbal smell. I can't describe it properly. But it definetely smells different to Directions and this smell stays in your hair till the next wash.

And now the best point: How long-lasting is this color?
It's incredible! This color does not really fade in a really big amount of hair washes. Your water is almost not stained by the color, so you see its not fading that much. I love that! 
And if we're honest: If I have to buy less tubes of hairdye made by Pravana, the higher price saves me money! I don't have to re-do my hair that often, so it's cheaper than Directions!

All in all, I love this product! The only con is the availability in Germany. I know, it a hair dresser's brand but you can not buy it at German hair dresser's supplies. Unfortunately. 

Now, I show you some pictures. (Also according to La Riche Direction's Silver Toner)
                                       Sectioning my hair                          Applied the hair dye

                                  The finished result! (BTW I love my violet to red ombre fringe :3)

                                      And the result made by Directions "Silver Toner"

The gray I achieved with Pravana Chromasilk Vivids "Silver" is EXACTLY the color I was searching for. I am so so so pleased!
And after I used up all of my Directions tubes (thats why I have some sort of Ombre in my fringe) I will also buy other colors by Pravana! 

Do you know the brand Pravana? What are your opinions about this brand? Write it in the comments below! 

See you soon hopefully!


Freitag, 5. September 2014

{{REVIEW}} Essence Aquatix TE

Hello my lovely cookies!

Well, I know, it's been a while again....And I am sooo sorry. But now I am back and will write more stuff on my blog again!

This time I want to show you something I received from Cosnova! I was so glad and surprised that I won at their Blogger Give Away from their Newsletter! I never got anything and now finally :3 So be aware, non of these products are bought by myself. They are PR Samples.

Don't want to talk about it more, better show you the stuff! It's their Aquatix TE.

An Overview of all the products I have received (and sorry, had to use the flash >.<)

Aquatix TE Shimmer Pearls "Oceans next Top Mermaid":

Here you can see the shimmer pearls of this Trend Edition. I bought the pearls of the "Me and My Icecream" TE as well and like those even more. Although they don't smell as good as the Icecream ones ;)
I like the packaging very much. Its light rose with a shimmer on it, as the pearls are. Almost like Perlmutt. 

Those pearls give a subtile shimmer on your face, I use them as a Highlighter. 
But you can use them all over your body as well!

Quiet like this product! :3

Aquatix TE Mermaid Nail Sticker "01 Pearls are a girl's best friend":

I have not tried them out yet. But I definetely will!
You should put these on your nails and paint your favorite Nail Polish above them.
After that the foil should start to crinkle up and should look like the skin of a fish.
Will show you guys when I used them!

Aquatix TE Mini Powder Brush:

This is such a smartass brush! In order to close it, you have to pull the silver part over the actual brush, then put the cap back on and push the silver part pack into the bottom!

And the brush itself is really fluffy and well produced!

Aquatix TE Eyeshadow Stick "03 Mermaid's Secret" and Glitter Eyeliner "02 Mermaid's secret":

Those two things are really cool.
I think I will use the Eyeshadow Pen as some sort of a primer for darker blue colors. I don't usually wear blue eyeshadow but I will give it a try!

And I love putting glittery Eyeliner above a solid black one! Really sparkly :3
And of course swatches :) 

Aquatix TE All over body shimmer "Ocean's next Top Mermaid":

Well...I am not really sure about this product. I don't like to look like Edward from Twilight.
This gel-like body shimmer sparkles a lot.
Maybe I will use it in some sort of Oshare Kei Make Up or something.
I don't know right now. 

(Hope you can see a bit of sparkle on this picture >.<) 

Aquatix TE Nail Polishes f.l.t.r "01 Mermaid's Secret" "04 Under the Sea" "03 Aquatix Bay" "05 Finding Dori":

And finally...MY LOVE! 
I have some Nail Polishes...(Maybe a bit addicted, who knows ;D) But these are really cool. 
Their effects are really cool. And I am glad that I got these four colors which I wanted to buy anyway. 
I have to admit that my favorite is the 01 ;)

Extra Goodie: Fish Paperclips (30 pieces):

First I was thinking: A can of anchovies? Really?
But when I opened the can, these cute litte paperclips were inside!

Those were an additional gift made by Cosnova! Those are so useful! (AND CUUUUUTE!!!)

Thank you Cosnova!

Over all I have to say that this is one of my favorite TE's so far. I wanted to buy many of the products myself when I first saw the newsletter. (Except from the Body Shimmer Gel thing :D) So I am really happy that I was picked by Cosnova! Thank you so much! 

Have you seen this TE? Which products did you buy? Which one do you like or really dislike? Feel free to write it in the comments! 

Hope you are all well! And stay crazy!