Sonntag, 15. Juni 2014

Just a little general information :)

Hello my lovely cookies! 

So, I just wanted to tell you something.^^ Nothing bad, really, so don't be worried.

If you write a comment under whatever post here, I am not able to answer you directly. Because of the template I am using, this function is not available.
So if you ask me something or so, please check at some time if I have already answerd it as a new comment :)

I don't want my dear cookies to think that I am not answering T.T

I am so happy that you are 29 already! When I began, I thought no one will read my stuff. So thank you soooooo much!
Maybe there will be a little Give away soon, who knows? ;)

Stay tuned!


Samstag, 14. Juni 2014

{{TAG}} Problematic areas Tag AKA First World Problems by Sandmili

Hello there my lovely cookies!

Today I want to share an awesome TAG with you, that Sandra from the YouTube-Channel Sandmilli made up. If you want to have the questions in German, just give it a look on her channel! I really love her videos!
But I'll do it in English, so everyone who might read this blog can do this TAG as well!

Question Nr. 1: What size do you take? 

It's a bit difficult to answer that question. With jeans and pants I take a German size 44 usually. With shirts and pullovers I have a vary of sizes, from M - L I wear everything ;)

Question Nr. 2: What part of your body are you not satisfied with? 

First I have to say: MY DAMN FEET! I hate them <.< They're much too big for a female in my opinion (I take German Size 41-43) >.< I hate this!
Well, of course my belly could be flatter or something. Sure.
But the parts I don't like at myself are my feet and my nose. I hate my potatoe-like nose....u.U

Question Nr. 3: If you could change a part of yourself as an advantage, which would it be?

MY FEET! Surely. I would change them into a maybe 38? or 37? That would be nice :3
And my belly...But well, I could change that up to a certain point by myself ;) 

Question Nr. 4: What is your opinion towards plastic surgery?

I think it depends. For me, If you can't stand a certain part psychologically, for example a big scar by an accident or something like that, it's totally OK.
If you just want to have big, plastic boobs or want to look like someone or fit into an ideal of beauty, you may be shouldn't. Or I should say: I wouldn't.
It's always up to you if you want to have a plastic surgery and why. 

Question Nr. 5: What do you hate about the fashion industry?

That's easy isn't it. Have you ever gone to a fashion shop with a plus size part? And have you ever looked at these nasty, ugly and crappy things?
I don't want to say that we, the "fat" people, should be able to wear EVERYTHING that a slim girl can. Some things would look really nasty, think of short tops or something...>.<
But the things they make for plus sized people are ugly, with flower prints and look like a sack...really.
And pleeeeeeeaaaaase. If you have a plus size line...USE PLUS SIZE MODELS! Not girls who wear maybe a size 38 or 40...That's NOT Plus Size in my opinion. That's average! That's normal!
*rage mode off*

Question Nr. 6: Where do you like to buy your clothes?

I personally buy my stuff usually at H&M, Bonprix, New Yorker and so on. Special things, as for Visual Kei Stuff, it depends. MIK-Funshopping is a really good onlineshop for "special" clothes. And I want to order at Bodyline in some time, when I have money again...>.> They sell not just small Asian sizes, but also bigger sizes for the average or above European body ;)

Question Nr. 7: What do you think is attractive about yourself? 

Well, I think my eyes and my lips are attractive. I like how full my lips are, and I love the size of my eyes. And my eyecolor.

Question Nr. 8: Do you think you're beautiful?

Well, I accepted myself for being me. I think I am beautiful, in my way. Everybody is beautiful in their own ways. 

And if you don't love who you see in the mirror in the morning: Change something. Get your ass up and do it.
I am totally fine with me, a bit of weight losing is although not a bad thing ;) 

Question Nr. 9: How do you hide problematic areas of your body?

Should I hide something from me?
Of course, I wouldn't wear any bikinis or something that shows my belly etc. But why should I hide myself for being me? I wear what I want, when I want. Being in the VK I often dress up differently anyhow. So why should I hide something?
And of course I can't hide my feet or my nose...(except I start wearing a nose tanga like Reitasan from The GazettE...XDDDD Wouldn't that be hilarious? :D)

Question Nr. 10: What should change about the World or yourself? 

Firstly, I don't want to change myself in a big, crazy way. I am who I am. I've lost until now ~30kg of body weight since I was at school and I am on a level that I can deal with. Of course I gained weight again (stupid relationsships XDDD) but it's fine with me.
The people should appreciate every human being for themselves, not depending on how they look. If thin or fat, if small or big or whatever you look. You are a human being, you are beautiful in the way you are. And you and your life are precious.
Be happy as you are, with your true friends and your family. Enjoy life and be proud of yourself! :)

Soooooo...this was the TAG. I hope you enjoyed it and maybe you answer the questions by yourself on your blog or YouTube or whatever :) 


Freitag, 13. Juni 2014

ギルガメッシュ (Girugamesh) Concert in Berlin! (Little UPDATE!)

Hello there my lovely cookies, 

Let's start first with a change! I want to write in English again, as I am a student of English and so on. I hope you enjoy my posts although I don't write in German anymore.
And thank you sooooo much to all of my new followers! Thanks to the lovely Diana for presenting my blog on her's! \(^O^)/

It's been a while since I posted the last thing here. A long long time! And I want to apologize to you. My life was a bit complicated in the last couple of weeks so I had to get my things back together in my real life rather than in my virtual life! I hope you understand guys.

The reason why I am posting again is a really really great one! Last Saturday I visited Berlin in order to be at one of the best concerts for ages! Girugamesh had their Euro-Tour "Monster" and are  now (as Twitter proves) savely back in Japan.
Yes, since it's not even an hour for me to go to Munich, it has been a long ride to Berlin. But as I had no time on the Munich concert, me and my beeeest friend went to Berlin!


We went to Berlin on Friday and got back to the lovely Augsburg on Monday this week. But Berlin is also beautiful in some parts ;)
Although this journey was expensive enough until then, we decided to buy VIP-Tickets for this concert. I know I know, I have been one of them always saying: "VIP Tickets? What a rip off!". But I have to admit it was AWESOME! You got plenty of things for paying more. But later on I will tell you in detail.

We got up a bit early on Saturday and got ready for the concert. We came to the venue, Lido in Berlin, at about 1pm. A few fans had already been there and it was fun to talk to them. The sun was burning the crap out of us, it was sooooo hot!

We talked a bit to the others and time flew by until one hour before the entrance. This time...Man, it was such a long hour. 

As we were VIP's, we came in an hour earlier than the guys with the regular ticket.
We were sitting an some kind of hall until the Band came in. Damn, they were so funny!
We were allowed to ask questions to the Band, with sometimes pretty funny answers!
For example, I asked them what they like about their position in the band the most. Satoshisans answer was hilarious! He said: As a singer, I didn't have to spend so much money on equipment!" *lol*
They were so nice and sweet and funny!
Also, we were allowed to hand them our presents and make a photo. Me and my friend we splitted the presents. I gave Ryosan and Satoshisan their presents, and she gave Niisan and Shuusan their's. Their faces were toooo cute! Ryosan got some snacks for his dog Chappie and Satoshisan got Pug dogs in some variations :3

Then we got in earlier to the actual concert hall and could buy merch without a big crowd of people right in front of us.
That was pretty chilly!
Also, we stood in the second row at this concert, I was standing right in front of Satoshisan and Ryosan! It was awesome.
If I'll get a setlist of this concert, I will present it to you right away!
I just remember they played: 

Drain, live is life , Incomplete, Evolution, こわれて行く世界, I think they also played Voltage and Breakdown, but not sure.
You'll be the first cookies to know!!! :3

Unfortunately the concert was over waaaaaaay to soon...T.T Want to have some more concerts this awesome!

Here are some pictures of me and the stuff I bought or got! :D

 Derp picture before we went to the venue \(^O^)/

Me with Girugamesh *3* f.l.t.r: Shuusan, Ryosan, me, Satoshisan, Niisan
Almost matching shoes with Ryosan :D

 Things I bought: Tour Shirt, Hoodie, Bandana
Things I got from the VIP: VIP Ticket (not on the Photo), Live Best signed, Pic (on the CD)
Caught: Satoshisans Bottle *3*

The hoodie worn, backside (don't look at my crappy hair...TOO HOT!!!)

I have to admit that the Tour shirt and the Hoodie are really big in size...I bought L and it's a bit too big for me but really ok :) 

Have you been to the Girugamesh Tour this year? 

Where did you go? How has it been? 

Write it in the comments below! :3

See you soon my lovely cookies!
Yours, terrorcookie~